“Great is Thy faithfulness, O God!  Great is Thy faithfulness!”*

One of the most amazing things, throughout my life has been the faithfulness of God!!  So many times I have been unfaithful.  I forget to read my Bible and do my devotions.  I go through my day without praying.  I don’t seek what it is He wants me to do.  I know it must hurt God, but He doesn’t hold it against me.  He is always there, ready and waiting, to meet every need I have.

I love to look up words and see what the definitions of/synonyms are for them.  For me, it makes things richer and more meaningful.  The following is what I found when I looked up the word “faithful” – loyal, constant, steadfast, true, devoted, unswerving, dedicated, committed, trustworthy, dependable, and reliable.  Don’t these words just make you feel even more cared for?  I really like the word “unswerving”!  I don’t know that there is anything in our lives that is truly “unswerving”, but the Lord.  He never changes, He’s always true, He loves without condition and forgives without hesitation.

*I couldn’t find the lyrics to this song in order to credit the author.

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