“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIm and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6
This verse was posted on a friend’s wall tonight. It is one my dad referenced in my autograph book when I was little. It has always been special to me, but tonight, in the midst of several days of financial “unrest” it once again is a comfort.
As I reflected on this tonight, what stuck out to me was the “lean not on your own understanding” phrase. When my husband found out this week that a big contract we had been counting on fell through I was immediately at peace. I knew that God was going to take care of us – no matter what. Throughout the week a battle has gone on within me – at times that confidence is there and at other times fear creeps in and I can actually feel stress coursing through my body.
What I realized tonight, is that I too often to try to “understand”. Many times we don’t or can’t yet see the whole picture, so our understanding of the situation is weak and shaky and trying to stand on that leaves us feeling at the very least, anxious. That isn’t where God wants us to be. He wants us comfortable, at peace and relaxed – trusting that He has us on the right path.
I like to look up certain words and see if I can get a clearer picture or a new “take” on something. I looked up the word “lean” – here are some definitions for the word in verb form – to rest on/be supported by/gravitate toward/be dependent on/rely on/count on/bank on/have faith (trust) in. God doesn’t want us to be supported by, or dependent on, or to gravitate toward, or to rely on, count on, bank on, or have faith in our own understanding. He wants us to acknowledge Him in all our ways – for EVERYTHING! He knows what’s going to happen in the end and so why not “Trust with all our hearts?” If I needed an operation, I would want the best surgeon operating on me – or if were flying somewhere, I’d want Captain Sully to be the pilot – I certainly wouldn’t lean on my own understanding in those situations. So, why do I so often, try to figure life out for myself? What better security is there than to have the One who knows us and wants what’s best for us to be controlling the outcome? No matter what situation in life you may be facing, be it financial, your health, a relationship, God will direct you down that perfect path He has for you, if you will only let Him.

written 3/7/10

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1 Response to Leaning

  1. Linda McCain says:

    So good a lot of meat to chew on. Its sure not the milk of the Word.

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