“God Has Seen Tomorrow”

It has been an interesting time in our lives.  God has blessed us beyond what we can comprehend.  Our financial need is great this month – probably greater than in any other month of our marriage.  Blessings have been coming our way in incredible ways, but the pile of bills that remains in my office continues to cause us stress.

I have struggled with whether to write about this again.  Satan tells me that people are tired of hearing about it.  I feel guilty being stressed for many reasons.  One, I know there are many people in worse situations out there.  Two, I know I don’t need to feel stressed, I have learned the answer, I’ve written about the answer.  The answer is trust.  I believe  in my heart that God has things under control, but at times my brain doesn’t cooperate.  I teeter back and forth between trusting, knowing that God is actively working on our behalf, and having the worrier in me take over.  Trusting is something I understand, believe and try to live, but often fall short.

One of the reasons that I haven’t been feeling the peace that God provides is that I’ve gotten caught up in the whirlwind of life.  It seems that I have been busier this summer than ever before.  The days are flying by and my “to do” lists both at home and work are gargantuan.  What tends to be forgotten in my life when I get this busy, is the time I take to read my Bible and devotions.  Also, I haven’t been writing.  Writing for me is a time of reflection of what I believe to be true.  It keeps those core truths remain active in my thought processes.  Beyond that, it is a time of learning and growing.  It stretches me.

I was reading a novel by Tracie Peterson last night and one of the characters said, “Don’t worry.  God has seen tomorrow.”  These words struck me – I love truth they reflect!!  They are words I wanted to write down – to hang on my refrigerator.  The truth is simple, but we often need many different ways of hearing it in order to keep our minds focused. Whatever in your life is causing you stress, be it a relationship, your finances, a deadline, a decision, your health, a tragedy, remember that God has seen tomorrow.  He’s there to take us through the situation, to provide the answers we need, to heal us in all areas of our lives.   No need is to big or small.  He is faithful to accomplish in our lives both ordinary and extraordinary things.

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