Vices are a powerful force – they are difficult to get rid of and something we generally fight for a lifetime.  They come in many forms – worry, gossip, negativity, smoking, drinking, addictions…

We minimize our own vices, making excuses or just not seeing that it is something that is keeping us from living a life more fulfilled and satisfied.  We aren’t usually as gracious when looking at vices in others.  It is easy for us, especially when we don’t have the same vice as someone else, to say – “They need to just stop doing that!”  It isn’t any easier for them to quit smoking as it is for me to stop overeating, neither of which are healthy habits.  Besides, who am I to criticize them?  I was not put on earth to point out someone else’s shortcomings.  That is part of the Holy Spirit’s job description.

If you follow my blog, you will know that worry is one of my vices.  God has been working to help me in this area, but it is still what rears its ugly head when things go wrong.  When I begin to worry, I generally begin to tell God what I think should happen next.  Everything I know goes straight out the window.

The good thing is that even when we slip up, there is always room for us to right ourselves and begin to move in the direction God would have us move.  We can put aside whatever it is that is robbing us of living a full, rich and healthy life and rest in the knowledge that He can help us overcome our vices.

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  1. Linda McCain says:

    So thankful for God’s Grace to us.

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