“Small” Sins vs. “Big” Sins – Is There a Difference?

I began (and didn’t finish) this entry back in October.  This winter our church is doing a study on a book by Jerry Bridges, entitled “Respectable Sins”.  It is a book about this very topic, so I thought this was a good time to finish it.

Not one of us is without sin.  God doesn’t rank our sins the way we do and Jesus didn’t die only for the ones we consider especially heinous.  He was required to die for the people who live a “wholesome” life as well as the ones that commit sins we don’t even want to think about.  When you think about it, the original sin that caused the division between God and man wasn’t murder or adultery or robbery.  It was disobedience.  God gave Adam and Eve one “don’t” and they did it.

The sins we consider “small” (or respectable) do exactly the same thing that the ones we consider to be “major” do, which is to cause distance in our relationship with God.   Not recognizing or admitting our sins for what they are, keep us from living the fulfilled life God planned for us.

The good news is, Christ died on the cross for every sin – past, present and future.  In addition – He died for every man, woman and child who will call upon His name for their salvation.

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1 Response to “Small” Sins vs. “Big” Sins – Is There a Difference?

  1. Linda McCain says:

    Amen and Amen!

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