He Doesn’t Keep Track of Our Missteps

Job 14:16-17 “You’ll watch over every step I take, but you won’t keep track of my missteps. My sins will be stuffed in a sack and thrown into the sea—sunk in deep ocean.”

God isn’t sitting at a computer terminal typing in all the horrible things I do.  Instead, He watches over me – always, but only keeps track of my successes!

Even with all the modern technology and high-dollar equipment rescuers and treasurer hunters search in vain for things much larger than a bag that have been lost at sea – sometimes for hundreds of years.  Can you imagine how impossible it would be to find a sack that had been thrown into a deep ocean?  Yet, when we give our sin over to Him, He stuffs it in a sack, like garbage and chucks it into the sea.  Gone forever!!!  How cool is that!!?!!?!!

Our God is a gracious, merciful and loving God!

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1 Response to He Doesn’t Keep Track of Our Missteps

  1. Linda McCain says:

    I love it. Our God is so awesome.

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