“We’ll Never Know”

Our past is behind us.  We shouldn’t spend time reliving it, wishing things had been different or beating ourselves up for the mistakes we have made.

My favorite scene in “Prince Caspian” is a beautiful illustration of this.  Lucy and Aslan have finally met up after much chaos a destruction have taken place.  Lucy is feeling guilty and asks Aslan if things would have turned out differently if she would have followed her heart and done what she felt was the right thing to do instead of following the others down the wrong path.  Aslan’s response to her was simply, “We’ll never know.”  There was no berating her or telling her she was wrong or foolish.  It was over; there was no looking back.

We can’t change what has happened in our past.  We need to get things right with God and others (if need be) and then move on.  Just like the fear of what might happen robs tomorrow of its strength, guilt of what happened yesterday can do the same thing.  We need to look forward.  Forward to what lies ahead.  To touch as many lives along the way as we journey through life.

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