God is God ALL the Time

I heard a quote the other day.  It was – “God is God all the time”.  My mother often says something very similar, “Either God is who He says He is, or He isn’t.”

This is something we as Christians know.  We believe that God is sovereign and that He has the power to do anything at any time.  Letting go and trusting this truth, however,  isn’t always easy.  We question if God really knows what He’s doing or even if He’s “in” some situations.  We wonder where God is when life becomes difficult.  The answer is pure and simple.  He is there – in the midst of it – taking care of us, working for our good, and comforting those who will let Him.

I read a devotion today by Max Lucado that says it much more eloquently than I can say it.  He talked about how even Christ asked the Father to change His circumstances the night before he was crucified.  He even knew what the answer would be.  Still…he asked.   Then, he willing accepted His Father’s answer, knowing that His suffering would mean life for generation after generation of people.

When my daughter was suffering with relentless seizures to her little brain, I was able, by the grace of God, to see that He indeed is who He says He is.  My dad, being the wonderful Dad and Grandpa that he was, struggled with why it was happening.  Why people that he loved more than life itself were having to suffer.  He kept telling me, “Tammy, I believe God is going heal her.”  My response was always, “Dad, I know that He will too, I just don’t know when.  It may happen tomorrow, but it may not happen until we get to heaven.”  It was long haul, but God was working and Dad got to experience the beginnings of Courtney’s healing on earth. It wasn’t until after he died that she had an even bigger miracle – that of being seizure free.  She remains seizure free and God continues to heal her at a steady rate.  Her complete healing may not happen until she stands before her God.  Although there are days I don’t understand why she still struggles with the effects of her seizures, I know that He continues to work in her life.

As we learned, God doesn’t always work on our time frame and more often than not the experiences we go through are a strenuous journey.  They take time to complete.  In our journey through life, there are mountains and there are valleys.  We love the view from the top of the mountain…but have you ever noticed not much grows on top of the mountain?  The majority of growth is down in the valley.  Just like the beautiful terrain God has given us, the times that we grow the most are during those times we are in the valley.  In the end we are stronger, richer people who have walked with our Maker in a real and intimate way.   And…”God is God” whether we are trudging through the valley or we are basking in His glory on top of the mountain .

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1 Response to God is God ALL the Time

  1. Linda McCain says:

    “Either God is who He says He is or He isn’t”. And I choose to believe He is. And a song your Dad and I loved was when Jake sang. “The God on the mountain is still God in the valley”. Praise His name.

    What a great devotion and testimony Tammy. I love you.

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