M is for Mary

M is for Mary –

Mary has to be one of the most well known and respected people in the Bible. Very little is really known about her. The book of Luke is where she enters the Bible as a central character in the greatest story ever told.  The most important details of her life are shared, but there is so much more that we don’t know.  Did she know when she responded to the angel in the affirmative that for the rest of time her story would be told and celebrated?

Mary is believed to have been in her early teens when an angel came to her, to let her know that the God of her fathers, the God of the universe, had chosen her to carry and give birth to the most important gift ever given to our world.  The Bible tells us that she was afraid at first, and who wouldn’t be startled in the presence of an angel?  The angel didn’t give her a lot of information.  Mary asked but one question. After that had been answered, her response was yes.  Her willingness to submit is so incredibly profound.

I am intrigued to know what happened between the verses in Luke. Were there times she was frightened?  Did others believe her story?  Who did she tell her story to?  Was she ostracized for being pregnant?  Did she worry about how she would raise the Son of God?  Did she spend her days wondering how he would come to be given the throne of David?   Would she have said yes had she known what would be required of Him…of how His life would end?  

As the story unfolds, others come to the see the infant, each with their own piece of the story to tell.  The Bible tells us in Luke 2:19 that, “Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.”  She wasn’t told the details of the events surrounding the birth and life of her son. She was watching and would continue to watch the story unfold as it happened.  

No one else in history was or will ever be in Mary’s position.  There was but one Son given to all mankind for all time.  This Christmas, as I ponder Mary’s story, I am thankful, thankful that she allowed herself to be used by God to bring to us the gift of her son, for life can live forevermore because of Him!


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